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"Under control: Technology, Innovation and the Future of Work"

The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ms. Amina J. Mohammad, addressed to the youth participating in United Nations International School-United Nations welcoming ceremony on the 28th of February 2018 at the General Assembly Hall in UN Headquarters in New York. The topic under discussion this year was “Under Control: Technology, Innovation and the Future of Work”. She highlighted the importance of the positive impact of science and technology in workplaces and societies. Advancements in manufacturing, agriculture, medicine and aeronautics, robotics and 3D printing, financial digitalization, satellite technology, genetics and synthetic biology are rapidly transforming the physical, digital and biological worlds.

She then proceeded to discuss how the gaping digital divide is going to leave developing nations behind in economic growth and development, unless quick action is taken. She envisioned a global society that adapts to the technological revolution through curricula in schools and universities that emphasize technical education and continuous learning through adulthood.  Ultimately, technologies that progress humankind and contribute to the common good and betterment of society are the ones we should be embracing. This requires discussion from everyone, including the youth. She urged that the youth become active stakeholders in the technological debate and encouraged them to always contribute in line with the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.