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Capacity Development Webinar on “Developing Institutional Capacities in Digital Transformation for a More Inclusive and Equitable Recovery”

14-15 December 2020 Time: 8:00am – 12:00pm EST

In addition to unleashing unfathomable opportunities for sustainable development, the digital age has also highlighted the vitality of digital solutions allowing societies to function and businesses to continue in the times of COIVD-19 pandemic. Online services and remote working arrangements were among the few of the measures addressing the isolation, keeping people informed and engaged during the COVID-19 response and recovery.

The role of digital government in responding to the pandemic and enabling a more effective recovery has been instrumental in the context of resilient and sustainable development. Digital opportunities, however, come with inherent risks related to digital transformation, stressing the need to address emerging capacity requirements and challenges for digital public policies. Unleashing capacities and strengthening the resilience while mitigating the risks is not only the sole responsibility of governments. It requires the engagement of all stakeholders working as platform and the adoption of more holistic, inclusive approaches that bring together existing initiatives, United Nations entities, regional and sub-regional bodies and other relevant stakeholders that promote digital capacity-building to improve support for Governments and other stakeholders.

This virtual capacity building webinar aims to strengthen public institutional capacities in public policymaking for digital transformation in support of 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. It aims to strengthen the digital capacity of countries, especially the developing countries, and in particular the capacity of the LDCs, SIDS, LLDCs, and countries with transition economics, to participate in, and benefit from, the growing opportunities of digitalization while mitigating the risks.

The webinar will bring together a network of relevant government officials (CIOs or equivalents), and experts and decision-makers from private sector, civil society, academia in relevant digital fields, including digital government, digital economy, cybersecurity, science and technology and innovation (STI).

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