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Natural disaster alert

Electricity and Internet Connectivity critical for Disaster Risk Reduction

Electricity and Internet connectivity are critical in the dissemination of early warnings in the case of natural disasters. Against this backdrop, the Sahana Foundation has been monitoring accessibility of critical servers in various countries in the Asia-Pacific region. In particular, it was found that accessibility of SAMBRO servers has been poor recently in both Myanmar and Maldives.

Also, Sahana's research showed that an ISP in Maldives has been victim of a cyber-attack and Myanmar is troubled with frequent power-failures. Various international organizations, such as ITU, have emphasized the importance of promoting cyber security, as well as securing critical infrastructure and emergency services.

The Sahana Foundation is currently working on a CAP on a Map project aimed at enhancing coastal resilience through multi-agency situational awareness in the Maldives, Myanmar and the Philippines. The project involves the deployment of SAMBRO in the respective countries and was made possible with a grant from the ESCAP Trust Fund for Tsunami, Disaster and Climate Preparedness.

Learn more about the project on the Sahana website.