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Guidelines for Establishing Disaster Loss Databases

This Best Practice utilizes ICT for society's resilience and is associated with the keywords: Investing to reduce Future RisksEnabling Rapid Assessments and detailed PDNAEnhancing Future Investments

This Guidelines and Lessons for Establishing and Institutionalizing Disaster Loss Databases report from 2009 documents the experiences of the UNDP Regional Programme on Capacity Building for Sustainable Recovery and Risk Reduction in implementing disaster loss databases using the DesInventar methodology. 

The DesInventar is based on a relational database structure and a disciplined expert assisted structure for data collection and classification that permits the homogeneous capture, analysis and graphic representation of information on disaster occurrences and losses.

  • The report provides step-by-step guidelines for developing a disaster loss database, based on the regional programme’s experience.
  • The report identifies and documents the processes adopted in each of the tsunami affected countries during the implementation of the disaster loss database.
  • The report discusses and draws key challenges, lessons and good practices from the implementation of disaster loss database in each of the tsunami affected countries.
  • The report gives the background on UNDP and the regional programme, and discusses disaster loss  databases in the context of disaster risk reduction (DRR).

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