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Recommendations on Reducing Submarine Cable Cuts

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Hazard Type: Tsunamis
E-Resilience Phase: Network Planning
Organization: Rostelecom, Russian Federation

This Best Practice from Russian Federation (the) utilizes ICT for its own resilience and is associated with the keywords: Avoiding Creation of New RisksAvoiding Exacerbation of Existing RisksReducing VulnerabilityReducing Exposure

A large number of submarine cable (which are essential for international Internet connectivity) cuts are due to damage from anchors. A recent example from the Russian Federation's Rostelecom demonstrates how to reduce such risk by laying the cable close to shore through tunnels close to the beach rather than on the seafloor. In addition, warnings are posted on the beach showing that dropping anchors is prohibited.  This can also mitigate the risk from powerful waves, such as from tsunamis.


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