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Global Earthquake Model & OpenQuake Platform

This Tool utilizes ICT for its own resilienceICT for society's resilience and is associated with the keywords: Reducing ExposureUtilizing ICT for Risk AssessmentsUtilizing ICT to enable better AnalysisUtilizing ICT for Development PlanningEnhancing CoordinationUtilizing ICT for Assessment and Emergency Decision Making

The Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation is a public-private partnership that drives a global collaborative effort in which science is applied to develop high-quality resources for transparent assessment of earthquake risk and to facilitate their application for risk management around the globe.

The GEM Foundation works in 4 main areas:

  • Development and maintenance of high-quality earthquake risk assessment tools;
  • Collection and generation of earthquake risk information (datasets, models, methods and guidelines);
  • Development and implementation of collaborative risk assessment projects at various scales;
  • Technology transfer and capacity development.

Through the OpenQuake Platform, GEM provides earthquake risk assessment tools, as well as risk assessments at local, national, regional and global level. In addition, earthquake risk information is provided, inludling hazard exposure vulnerability maps and datasets.

Relevant to the Central Asia region: the Earthquake Model Central Asia (EMCA) is a regional programme focusing on crossborder assessment of seismic hazard and risk in Central Asia. The activities are subdivided into: Seismic Hazard Assessment and Microzonation, Seismic Vulnerability, and Earthquake Risk.

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