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INNONET Portable Mobile Telecommunications Base Station

This Tool from Korea (the Republic of) utilizes ICT for its own resilience and is associated with the keywords: Ensuring Continuity PlansEnsuring Emergency MechanismsEnsuring Recovery Strategy

INNONET, a Korean ICT device and software company, developed a portable backpack-type mobile base station (backpack LTE) with a wireless backhaul device, which can be applied to a national disaster safety-net. This device can be applied in disaster-situations where communications networks are destroyed and/or disconnected.

The backpack-type base station is portable so that it can be used instantly without separate installation. Under TV white space (TVWS) or satellite backhaul, communications services are available, covering long distances of over 8km. The technology is built to disperse traffic overload in network systems. Moreover, the base station is equipped with a touchscreen and Web-UI.

Photo credits: INNONET

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