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MOWRAM Weather Monitoring & Online Alerts

This Tool from Cambodia utilizes ICT for society's resilience and is associated with the keywords: Fostering Knowledge & InnovationEnhancing Risk Monitoring & WarningEnhancing Communication and Coordination

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology through its web site and other channels provides weather related maps and information to keep the public up-to-date both in the local language and in English. It provides current weather information and warnings as well as forecasts that are important for railways, fisheries and tourism. The website is part of the strategy for providing weather related information and is linked to a network of real time sensors and ground personal.  A radar station also supports the efforts.   

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM) was created in 1999 during the second term of the Royal Government of Cambodia. The mandates of the Department of Meteorology includes:

  • To prepare short, medium and long term plans for rehabilitation and development of meteorology abilities throughout the country.
  • To establish and manage the Cambodian meteorological stations.
  • To provide weather forecast in short and long term range for all concerned sectors.
  • To predict abnormal meteorological phenomenon and send out alerts to enable people and agencies to be better prepared in response.
  • To raise knowledge and communicate with national and international actors on meteorology technologies.
  • To strengthen and broaden Cambodian cooperation on meteorology with meteorological organizations, United Nations agencies and World Meteorological Organization.
  • To prepare annual reports on the situation of meteorology in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

MOWRAM serves as the central agency to provide critical information which improves e-resilience. Users can view City weather forecasts, Radar animations, Satellite animations, Automatic Weather Station readings, Severe Weather Safety and Awareness alerts, and Forecasts on the website.

Given its strong commitment to providing more accurate information, the Ministry and its ICT-based approach is a good example for other least developed countries who do not already have such an online presence and approach. 

Visit the MOWRAM website