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MyShake Earthquake Application

MyShake tool
Hazard Type: Earthquakes
E-Resilience Phase: Know Your RiskPreparedness
DRM Phase: Risk Reduction
Organization: Berkeley Seismology Lab

This Tool utilizes ICT for society's resilience and is associated with the keywords: Establishing and utilizing Risk DatabasesEnhancing Risk Monitoring & WarningEnhancing Communication and Coordination

MyShake is a free app for Android smartphones that has the ability to recognize earthquake shaking using the sensors (such as the accelerometer) in every smartphone. The app runs 'silently' in the background of a phone using very little power.

The application is able to distinguish earthquakes from normal human activities and uses advanced neural networks, as well as the power of a global network.

The application's goal is to build a worldwide seismic network and use the data to reduce the effects of earthquakes on individuals, and our society as a whole. MyShake also provides users with information about recent earthquakes around the world and significant global historical earthquakes.

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