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An In-Depth National Study on ICT Infrastructure Deployment along Road Transport and Energy Infrastructure in Kyrgyzstan

Information and communications technologies (ICTs) drive socioeconomic progress, and with the advent of advanced and emerging technologies, there is a growing demand for fibre-optic networks that can deliver broadband services. As the cost of building the fibre-optic infrastructure is high, co-deployment could minimize costs during construction. Moreover, co-deployment creates opportunities for new business models for various infrastructure facilities, and initiates long-term strategic planning for the development of infrastructure networks.

Kyrgyzstan is at the stage of developing a market for modern ICTs, such as mobile-broadband and fixed-broadband access. The country has a legislative framework for the development of the telecommunications sector and digital technologies, although there is still room for improvement. For instance, the average cost of mobile-broadband and fixed-broadband services is lower than the average for the Central Asia region, but quite high relative to the country’s standard of living and quality of services. The telecommunications market of Kyrgyzstan is gradually developing competition in all segments to improve the quality of services and reduce costs.

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