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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Governance and Ethics Initiatives in Singapore

Singapore was one of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) prize winners during the WSIS Forum in Geneva this year. Singapore won the WSIS prize in the category of “ethical dimensions of the information society” for its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Governance and Ethics Initiatives. The objective of the AI Governance and Ethics Initiatives are to setup AI governance structures and frameworks that balance the need for businesses and technological innovation on one hand, and consumer trust and confidence in adopting AI on the other. In addition, the initiatives are to promote the development of international thought leadership in AI governance and ethics.

The initiatives were developed by Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) and Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) in collaboration with multiple partners. To date, Singapore has published a draft AI governance framework that is non-sector specific; formed an advisory council on the ethical use of AI and data; set up a research programme on governance of AI and data use in order to develop a body of knowledge in AI ethics and governance, as well as facilitating the creation of a pool of experts in these areas. The initiatives advance Singapore’s vision to be a leading Digital Economy and Smart Nation through balancing business innovation and consumer trust and confidence in adopting AI. Further details on these this project can be accessed here.

Governments of Asia-Pacific countries have endorsed a Master Plan and a Regional Cooperation Framework Document to facilitate the subregional/regional policy dialogue between interested stakeholders to addressing ICT challenges. Further information on the AP-IS initiative can be found here.