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APEC TELWG meeting (October 25-29, virtual)

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a regional economic forum with 21 member economies across Asia-Pacific region. Established in 1989, APEC has its core value on promoting regional economic integration under a non-legally binding manner and friendly environment. In the now-extended COVID-19 era, APEC has made its utmost effort to adapt and tackle with the unprecedented challenges which effect the region’s economic well-being. Putrajaya Vision 2040 has been put in place with an essence to drive APEC’s economy to be more open, dynamic, resilient and peaceful.

APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group (TELWG) meeting will take place from 25th to 29th of October in a virtual format. TELWG’s overall goal is the transition to a highly developed information society in Asia and Pacific. APEC provides funding for projects on policy exchanges, infrastructure development, implementation of advanced technologies (e.g. IPv6, grid- and cloud computing); and promotion of ICT applications for socio-economic development (e.g., green ICT, smart grids, disaster management, e-Government, e-Health and e-Education). For more information and participation requests, please contact Mr. Kirill Makhrin, APEC Program Director: [email protected] and follow link here