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Private Sector and Sendai Framework

ESCAP Sustainable Business Network Task Force on Disaster Risk Reduction

Promoting the effective participation of Business in DRR as guided by the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 – 2030.

Purpose of the ESCAP Sustainable Business Network Task Force on DRR:

  • Raise awareness on DRR
  • Promote business resilience
  • Synergize development & DRR
  • Push for an enabling environment
  • Help protect the SMEs
  • Spread global business norms

Private sector engagement including their role, responsibility and accountability should be recognized as key actor to the attainment of the objectives in Sendai Framework for DRR. An enabling environment with proper legislation, incentives, risk information and should be promoted, including:

  • To promote private sector’s higher representation
  • To protect resilience of the overall supply chain instead of individual firms
  • To be demand / customer - driven approach
  • To create entry point and build platform for long-term relationship

Hence, a trust between public and private sectors is important to enhance buy-in from private sector and to promote risk information disclosure.

Sendai Framework and the Private Sector

Businesses, professional associations and the private sector are advised to:

  • Integrate disaster risk management, including business continuity, into business models and practices via disaster risk-informed investments, especially in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • Engage in awareness-raising and training for their employees and customers;
  • Engage in and support research and innovation as well as technological development for disaster risk management;
  • Share and disseminate knowledge, practices and non-sensitive data;
  • Actively participate, as appropriate and under the guidance of the public sector, in the development of normative frameworks and technical standards that incorporate disaster risk management.

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