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Space Applications

Technological innovations provide unprecedented opportunities to build resilience and deepen connectivity. Experiences from the region and around the world have proven that disaster prevention and preparedness, enabled by communication and space technologies, can be far more effective and less costly than ever before. Space technologies have proven highly effective in disaster monitoring, early warning, and emergency response efforts in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. For example, ESCAP’s Regional Cooperative Mechanism for Drought Monitoring and Early Warning enhances the capacity of governments to use space-based data for effective drought monitoring, allowing countries to issue early warnings before a drought is visible to the human eye. Meanwhile, the ESCAP Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Tsunami, Disaster and Climate Preparedness in Indian Ocean and Southeast Asian countries, strengthens the capacities of Member States in multi-hazard early warning and coastal resilience building..

Regional Cooperation in Space Applications

Through its long standing Regional Space Applications Programme for Sustainable Development (RESAP), ESCAP has made concerted efforts to promote the application of space technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Monitoring Drought from Space

Through the Drought Mechanism, timely and free access to space-based data/products and services is provided to participating countries, who also receive training and other capacity building.

Space and GIS for Disaster Management

In order to ensure inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development, ESCAP promotes the integrated use of space-based data to complement socio-economic indicators and ground-based data.


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