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Broadband Connectivity in Pacific Island Countries

‘Broadband Connectivity in the Pacific Island Countries’ is a Working Paper contributing to the policy dialogue on the implementation of the Asia Pacific Information Superhighway initiative spearheaded by ESCAP. The Working paper examined recent developments on broadband connectivity in the Pacific island countries, identifying important drivers of broadband adoption in recent years.

While mobile broadband connectivity has improved significantly in recent years, the access to affordable, resilient broadband connectivity varies alarmingly among Pacific island countries. The level of economic development of countries was highlighted as one influential factor determining Pacific islanders’ access to broadband connectivity (both mobile and fixed-broadband services). Another factor was the availability of an affordable and reliable electricity source. Other factors were highlighted in the Working Paper as important drivers of broadband access.

Broadband connectivity has the capability to transform lives of Pacific islanders, particularly the underserved populations by providing access to knowledge and opportunities This Working Paper is contributing to the policy dialogue on broadband policy connectivity in the Pacific islands towards achieving the 2030 Development Agenda.

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