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Despite the great progress in deepening regional connectivity through information and communication technologies, Asia and the Pacific is still the most digitally divided region in the world, with less than eight per cent of the population connected to affordable and reliable high-speed Internet. As a result, millions of people are shut out from transformative digital opportunities in education, health and financial services. Women and girls, in particular, have lower levels of access to broadband Internet and other knowledge-enhancing technologies. The Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway initiative aims to increase the availability and affordability of broadband Internet for all people across Asia and the Pacific. The ESCAP IDD Youtube channel can be viewed here.





The Working Group on Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Development (WG on ITSD) is a subsidiary body under the UN Special Programme for the Economies of Central Asia (SPECA), comprising senior policymakers, researchers, decision-makers, and implementers from the SPECA countries responsible for developing guidance and finding practical solutions to problems identified by the countries. The WG provides a platform for sharing experiences and discussing issues within the SPECA framework. 

ESCAP, in cooperation with ECE efforts and strategy, seeks to:

Digital India Knowledge Exchange

Date: 4-7 July 2022

In the next phase of Digital India, digital transformation is expected to be powered by emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, fifth generation (5G) networks, Augmented Reality, Machine learning among others. India is increasingly seen as a prominent hub for research, and the home to vibrant startup ecosystem.

Universal Service Fund Modernization in a Post-COVID19 World (Capacity Building Workshop)

Digital connectivity is an essential resource for economic, social, and cultural development, but many communities in Central, South, and East Asia continue to contend with limited or unaffordable broadband internet access, particularly in rural and isolated locations.  Many nations in these regions have adopted universal service funds (USF) to enhance digital connectivity for disadvantaged communities. 

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