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Regional Advisory Services on Disaster Risk Reduction

Regional Advisory / DRR

DRR Policy and Programme

Advisory support on government policies, strategies and programmes for DRR in the context of the post-2015 framework on Disaster Risk Reduction (Hyogo Framework of Action-2.)

DRR Mainstreaming into Development

Provide advice to support strengthening institutional capacities for integrating disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation measures into developmental and sectoral planning and financing.

Integration of DRR and Climate Change Adaptation

Assist in the development of an integrated approach for DRR and climate change adaptation.

DRR Technical Assistance

Provide technical assistance on specific subject matters such as risk and vulnerability assessment, post-disaster needs, resilience monitoring, and the use of ICT and space technology applications in the context of DRR.

DRR Regional Cooperation

Facilitate dialogue and collaboration with other member States and relevant regional and subregional institutions through regional and South-South cooperation on Disaster Risk Reduction.


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