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RailTel Corporation of India Ltd

RailTel Corporation of India Ltd., a Public Sector Undertaking under Ministry of Railways, Government of India was formed in year 2000 with specific purpose of upgradation of Telecommunication of Indian Railways. Exclusive right of way was granted to RailTel under an agreement between the two organisation. In return RailTel has to pay a percentage of revenue to Ministry of Railways. On the other hand RailTel is free to use surplus telecommunication infrastructure in telecom market in India. With this arrangement, RailTel is working successfully and is in profit for several years.

Nepal ends India’s internet monopoly with Chinese link

A new era of connectivity has dawned in Nepal with its partnership with China to improve the nation’s ICT connectivity network. It was announced that Nepal Telecom and China Telecom Global worked together to lay optical fiber cables between Kerung in China and Rasuwagadi in Nepal connected through the hub at Sudhara in Kathmandu. The new fiber optic cable also provides an alternative in case of natural disasters such as the devastating earthquake in 2015. This project also considers the possibilities for increased bandwidth in the future.

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