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Universal Service Fund Modernization in a Post-COVID19 World (Capacity Building Workshop)

Digital connectivity is an essential resource for economic, social, and cultural development, but many communities in Central, South, and East Asia continue to contend with limited or unaffordable broadband internet access, particularly in rural and isolated locations.  Many nations in these regions have adopted universal service funds (USF) to enhance digital connectivity for disadvantaged communities. 

The Impact of Universal Service Funds on Fixed-Broadband Deployment and Internet Adoption in Asia and the Pacific

Investment in the information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure plays a significant role for achieving all SDGs, in particular SDG 9. Enhanced and affordable access to ICT will benefit an expanding range of development interventions and public services, but the digital divide in Asia and the Pacific remains a major development challenge, restraining the potential for delivering transformative capabilities that the achievement of all SDGs requires.

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