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RailTel Corporation of India Ltd

RailTel Corporation of India Ltd., a Public Sector Undertaking under Ministry of Railways, Government of India was formed in year 2000 with specific purpose of upgradation of Telecommunication of Indian Railways. Exclusive right of way was granted to RailTel under an agreement between the two organisation. In return RailTel has to pay a percentage of revenue to Ministry of Railways. On the other hand RailTel is free to use surplus telecommunication infrastructure in telecom market in India. With this arrangement, RailTel is working successfully and is in profit for several years.

Guides on integrating gender into infrastructure development in Asia and the Pacific

Infrastructure underpins core economic activity and is an essential foundation for achieving inclusive and sustainable economic and social growth as it enhances access to services, education and work opportunities. Yet the world in which we live is fundamentally unequal. It is designed, built and maintained without considering the needs of all members of our society, including the most vulnerable. Gender-blind infrastructure often empowers men but impedes women and girls’ ability to contribute equally in society.

Development Account Project on Addressing the Transboundary Dimensions of the 2030 Agenda through Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration in Asia and the Pacific: Subregional Inception Meeting

Trans-boundary infrastructure development in energy, ICT, and transport sectors is critical for improving regional economic cooperation and integration across Asia and the Pacific and is vital for socioeconomic development of landlocked developing countries. However, such development faces many challenges including the need to mobilize substantial financial resources, address potentially damaging impacts of natural disasters and ensure the principle of “no one left behind”.

Financing Sustainable Infrastructure Development in Asia and the Pacific

Recognizing the importance of infrastructure development for achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, ESCAP has been working over the last few years with countries in the region to design different infrastructure financing strategies. This regional event provided a platform for policy debate and knowledge exchange among participants regarding these financing strategies.
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