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Information & Communications Technology

Despite the great progress in deepening regional connectivity through information and communication technologies, Asia and the Pacific is still the most digitally divided region in the world, with less than eight per cent of the population connected to affordable and reliable high-speed Internet. As a result, millions of people are shut out from transformative digital opportunities in education, health and financial services. Women and girls, in particular, have lower levels of access to broadband Internet and other knowledge-enhancing technologies. The Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway initiative aims to increase the availability and affordability of broadband Internet for all people across Asia and the Pacific.


Mapping Online Child Safety in Asia-Pacific

The Internet plays a central role in developing and augmenting the capacities of the youth. However, use of the Internet also entails new risks regarding their safety and protection both in the physical and virtual worlds. Therefore, it is important to understand how to implement appropriate measures and enhance their effectiveness rather than quick-fix interventions to limit children’s online access which can cause a loss of benefits the Internet can deliver. However, there has been only limited research on child online safety measures in Asia and the Pacific.

Enhancing Cybersecurity for Industry 4.0 in Asia and the Pacific

As of September 2017, there were 1.25 billion websites in cyberspace and Asia and the Pacific now accounts for 50.1 percent of all Internet users in the world. Thanks to the concerted efforts by governments and other stakeholders in extending broadband connectivity, an increasing number of people have joined the cyberspace across the Asia-Pacific region. Although broadband expansion remains uneven, there is evidence that digital dividends brought by broadband connectivity, such as egovernment, e-learning, e-health and e-agriculture, has started permeating into the previously underserviced or unserved areas in Asia and the Pacific.

Report of the Side Event of the Asia-Pacific Forum for Sustainable Development on ICT for Transformation and Resilience

In the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, frontier technologies are transforming not only our daily lives but also the planet`s development tragectory. The revolution is driven by innovations in artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain and other cutting edge technologies. This calls for greater urgency in bridging the staggering digital divide in the Asia Pacific region that is exacerbated when countries at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution quickly leave behind those that are slow at technology uptake.

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