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Firetide Wireless Mesh Network Flood Monitoring

Photo cred: PixaBay (flood)
Region: South-East Asia
Hazard Type: Floods
E-Resilience Phase: Humanitarian ResponsePreparedness
Organization: UNICOM

This Tool from Thailand utilizes ICT for society's resilience and is associated with the keywords: Fostering Knowledge & InnovationEnhancing Risk Monitoring & Warning

Firetide, Inc., a provider of high-performance wireless infrastructure mesh networks, installed the world’s first mesh network capable of delivering live high-definition (HD) wireless video feeds of river water levels and telemetry data for real-time flood forecasting and historical data collection in Thailand.

In addition to the live HD video feeds to the control room, live VGA resolution video feeds are provided to the public via the Internet. The Firetide network, which covers a geographical distance of 231 miles (372 km), is the world’s longest fully redundant wireless mesh network. New expansion phases of the network are planned for deployment.

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