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Regional Toolkits


Simulator of the Integrated Infrastructure Corridors

This Simulation tool is aimed to determine the most appropriate model for development of new Integrated Infrastructure Corridors. 
The identified and analyzed three infrastructure corridors are connecting Almaty (Kazakhstan) with Cholpon-Ata (Kyrgyzstan), Semey (Kazakhstan) with Rubtsovsk (Russia), and Urzhar (Kazakhstan) with Chuguchak (China). 


Partnership Portal on Co-deployment

Single information platform with automation and simulation modules on determining compatibility, economic efficiency, and identification of infrastructure projects that lend themselves to ICT infrastructure co-deployment with road transport and energy infrastructure.


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E-resilience Toolkit and Monitoring Dashboard

E-resilience toolkit on disaster risk reduction.

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E-resilience monitoring dashboard from the pandemic management perspective. It is aimed to support a common work plan for digital transformation.

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Asia Pacific ICT Maps

A set of online interactive maps of the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway, jointly developed by ESCAP and ITU, covering terrestrial and submarine fibre-optic cable connectivity in the region and beyond. Interactive maps are displayed in a web map based on United Nations cartography standards.

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