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Civil Society Organizations’ Cyber Resilience, Leaving No Civil Society Organization behind in Cyber Resilience

Civil society organisations (CSOs) play a critical role in society towards sustainable development - providing social services and promoting citizen participation. Increasingly, CSOs are relying on digital technologies for their operations. However, despite their increasing reliance on digital technology, especially during the ongoing pandemic, CSOs continue to lack the resources, expertise, capability, and influence to manage their cybersecurity effectively.

Cyber Resilience in Asia-Pacific, A Review of National Cybersecurity Strategies

Cyber resilience, the ability for positive adaptation in the face of adverse cyber events, is seen as an evolution in the cybersecurity posture of organizations and countries. It represents a mindset shift from protection and avoidance of adverse cyber events and the development of fail safe systems to anticipation and planning for adverse cyber events, including the development of systems that are safe to fail.

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