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Get Ready Get Thru Information Portal

Get Ready, Get Thru portal
Region: Pacific
Organization: Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, New Zealand

This Tool from New Zealand utilizes ICT for society's resilience and is associated with the keywords: Enhancing Risk Monitoring & WarningUtilizing ICT for PreparednessEnhancing Communication and Coordination

Get Ready Get Thru is an online multilingual guide for New Zealand to plan for and respond to disasters (offered in English, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Hindi, Korean, Te Reo, Samoan, Tongan and Arabic).

Due to its location and environment, New Zealand faces many potential disasters. In some cases, such as a weather related or volcanic disaster, there may be time for a warning. But an earthquake or a tsunami close to land could strike without warning. All disasters have the potential to cause disruption, damage property and take lives. Therefore, preparation is critical.

The portal offers information material on different hazards, as well as guidance on establishing a household emergency plan and creating an emergency survival kit. In addition, information for people with disabilities is being offered and emergency contact details are provided.

Learn how to get ready