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Adaptation and Resilience to Drought: From know how to do how A guidebook for the practitioners [Based on the case studies from South East Asia]

The Ready for the Dry Years publication series has been a part of joint efforts between ESCAP and ASEAN to support Member States to prepare for intensifying drought risk, by assessing patterns of drought hazard exposure and vulnerability, highlighting drought impacts, and assessing future drought risks in the decades ahead. The second edition of the Report was launched at the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Disaster Management, which was held virtually on 27th November 2020. This edition was designed to usher in a paradigm shift towards more proactive and adaptive drought management across South-East Asia. The Report provided the evidence base for these interventions, including the recently adopted ASEAN Declaration on the Strengthening of Adaptation to Drought. Further, the Report presented three policy tracks: i) reduce and prevent; ii) prepare and respond; and iii) restore and recover. The methodology presented in the second edition of the Report can be used for the implementation of the policies and interventions related to the adaptation and resilience to drought. It’s in this context that ‘Adaptation and resilience to drought: From know how to do how’ – a guidebook for the practitioners  has been developed that aims to operationalize the policy track to reduce and prevent the negative impacts of drought through cross-sectoral initiatives of addressing the water-food-energy nexus. ESCAP is a part of the Intergovernmental Working Group on Drought (IWG), established in September 2019 during UNCCD COP14.  This guidebook contributes to the UNCCD Drought Toolbox that provides tools and methods to reduce drought risk, be better prepared and effectively respond to drought.


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