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Sentinel Asia Web-GIS Technology

This Tool utilizes ICT for society's resilience and is associated with the keywords: Utilizing GIS, RS, ST for DRREnhancing Coordination

The Sentinel Asia initiative is an international collaboration among space agencies, disaster management agencies, and international agencies for applying remote sensing and Web-GIS technologies to support disaster management in the Asia-Pacific region. Its aims include the following:

  • Improve safety in society by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and space technologies;
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of disaster preparedness and early warning;
  • Minimize the number of victims and social/economic losses.

The main activities of Sentinel Asia are as follows:

  • Emergency observation by Earth observation satellites upon request in cases of major disasters;
  • Working group activities focusing on specific disasters such as wildfires, floods, glacial lake outburst floods (GLOF), and tsunamis;
  • Capacity building and human resources development for effective disaster management.

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