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E-Resilience in East and North-East Asia

ESCAP research shows that over the period of 2005-2014 East and North-East Asia was the subregion with the largest number of people affected and, due to its high concentration of economic assets, also suffered the greatest economic damage as a result of disasters. For instance, in 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake caused a tsunami that hit the Japanese east coast, sweeping away buildings, roads and vehicles and killing around 20,000 people. The E-Resilience Toolkit offers insights into a spectrum of available ICT tools that may benefit policymakers, DRM professionals and vulnerable communities in East and North-East Asia to enhance e-resilience and disaster risk management. The East and North-East Asia subregion contains the following States: China, DPR Korea, Hong Kong (China), Japan, Macao (China), Mongolia, and Republic of Korea.

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